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Im Shantell. Im 21. I post about having lupus and other random things I like. I love James Maslow. Peter Pan. Greys Anatomy. H5O.HIMYM. Nail art. and pretty much any show that will make you cry.

Person Of Interest ep. tonight…

OMG. I think after that episode, the POI fandom needs to have a big group hug! ;n;



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The Rescuers Down Under 1990

disney animated the cutest aussie animals 




Mommy teaching baby easier water drinking way because drinking water is hard experience u get it in your nose. Jesus how she puts her paw on his head in the second one. Such concern and love.

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Happy Saturday boys&girls! Hope your weekend is awesome and that you’re all getting a little time to rest&relax!

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You promise never to leave me? Do you promise to never leave this baby that we’re having? I promise. I do. Do you promise to stop talking about your ability to find or not find my vagina after I give birth? I do. Do you promise to let me cobble - carve - to carve in my spare time and teach our daughter the lore of the great Mississippi? I do. Do you promise never to develop a thing for seahorses? I do. Good. Do you promise to let our daughter be fat or skinny or any weight at all because we want her to be happy no matter what? Being obsessed with weight is just too cliche for our daughter. Yes, I do. Do you promise, when she talks, you’ll listen? Like really listen? Especially when she’s scared? And that her fights will be your fights? I do. And do you promise that if I die some embarrassing and boring death that you’re gonna tell our daughter that her father was killed by Russian soldiers in this intense hand to hand combat in an attempt to save the lives of 850 Chechnyan orphans? Yes. Chechnyan orphans. I do. 

Away We Go (2009)

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Should I Read Spoilers Or Should I Wait: A novel by me

I Should’ve Fucking Waited: A sequel

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The other day before Sofia started her first day at pre-school, I dreamt about it all night…

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The Realistic Packaging Paintings of Yrjö Edelmann


"haha wow they really suck at wrapping pres- WHAT?"


i was literally thinking ‘don’t let them be fucking paintin- GOD DAMMIT!!!!’

This fucks with me so hard every single time

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